Supported simulators and hardware#

NIR is currently supported by 7 simulators and 4 hardware platforms, allowing users to seamlessly move between any of these platforms. The 6 simulators include Lava-DL, Nengo, Norse, Rockpool, Sinabs, and snnTorch. The 4 hardware platforms include Intel Loihi (via Lava-DL), Xylo, Speck, and SpiNNaker2.

The table below shows the integration progress for the respective frameworks. By “reading” a NIR graph, we mean converting it into a platform-specific representation. “Writing” a NIR graph means converting a platform-specific representation into a NIR graph.


Write to NIR

Read from NIR




Nengo examples


Norse examples

Rockpool (SynSense Xylo chip)

Sinabs (SynSense Speck chip)




Spyx Examples

Why are some platforms only reading or writing but not both?#

Some platforms support both reading and writing, but in other cases it does not make sense to both read and write NIR graphs. For example hardware platforms are meant as a runtime of NIR graphs, so it rarely makes sense to convert the hardware representation back into NIR.

What about other simulators and hardware platforms?#

NIR is a recent invention, and we are working hard to integrate it with as many simulators and hardware platforms as possible. If you know of a simulator or hardware accelerator we should include, please get in touch with us here on GitHub.